Custom Homes are being built all over the Durham Region & Kawartha Lakes.

We have the pleasure of working with some great builders and clients, building their dream homes.

Painting of a custom home is a highly important part of the build as it brings together the work done by prior trades and shows off all the surfaces you will see on a daily basis. Painting it yourself can financially seem like the way to go, but in the end, you will want a professional job. We get calls weekly about homeowners wishing they had called us beforehand. Usually, once the damage is done its hard to come back from.

Brush strokes on the trim, wall paint on the ceiling, caulking all over the place, nail holes not filled, and splatter all over the floors and baseboards. Don’t let this be your home! We provide reasonable rates and leave your home looking beautiful. Below will be a list of how we prepare and paint a custom home for the best finish possible.

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    Our Process

    Once drywall is completed, sanded and cleaned up we would then come in and prime all the new drywall – most times we spray & backroll the primer (see photos & videos)

    We allow for a drywall inspect for any imperfections to be addressed by your taper (if any) and then we would return to pole sand all surfaces & paint all ceilings – spray the ceilings (pole sanding inbetween coats is key to a smooth finish as it removes any rough spots and helps with adhesion for coats that follow

    Once the priming & ceiling painting is done we would not return again until the trim & doors were installed

    Some builders/homeowners will install trim/doors prior to floor installation and some install the floor prior to trim & door installation. We would need to know which option you choose as it affects the price since having the floors in first requires much more prep work to protect them.

    Once the trim & doors are installed we come in to caulk, fill nail holes with non-shrink wood filler and sand all the trim smooth, vacuum and tack cloth any dust off those surfaces.

    Once those surfaces are cleaned, we use 3M masking plastic to protect the windows, vanities, shower stalls, cabinets (if any of this is installed)

    The doors get removed (usually by a foreman or hands on builder/homeowner – or us at a cost) and labeled on the top or bottom of the door in permanent marker to indicate where the door was taken from. Once off, we set the doors up in the largest room of the home (see photos or videos) with strapping peices so we are able to spray both sides at the same time. The doors get sanded inbetween coats and left in that position once final coat has been applied for a few days to cure before being reinstalled.

    Next we would be spraying all the trim such as, casings around doors & windows, baseboards and any specialty mouldings throughout the home. (see photos ans videos) – some trim comes primed and some is raw wood so there may be an additional step to prime depending on the finishes. All trim that gets sprayed gets inspected with a handheld light prior to finish coat to ensure everything was sanded and caulked properly.

    Once all the priming, ceiling painting, prep, trim & door painting is completed, we begin the walls. Since the walls have been sanded from our earlier steps we can start cutting the colour in and rolling out first coat. After first coat has dried we inspect with a handheld light for any imperfections or possible repairs we would need to make. Once all repairs are done, we lightly pole sand the walls and then apply the final coat.

    Now that every surface is painted to ours and your satisfaction we get the trim paint out with a new brush and cut the tops of the baseboard to give you a perfectly crisp straight line (between the wall and top of baseboard) that will leave even the most particular person happy.

    We do one final clean and pack up our tools allowing you to have the final trades in to wrap up your new home.

    Please feel free to contact me to discuss your new build, we would love to be apart of it!

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    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Cody McKeeOshawa, ON

    Durham Painting Co is amazing. Went above and beyond for me. Super fast and still efficient. Didn’t miss a spot. My livingroom looks phenomenal. Never thought I could get rid of the purple paint. However they made it happen. Plus they were very friendly and personable. As well as professional. Highly recommend this company